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Lauren F Copthorne July 2017

Hello, Just wanted to say a huge thanks for looking after our two Bengal cats. This is the third time they have stayed with you and every time you do an absolutely fabulous job! Thanks again could not recommend a better cattery! Lauren & Dan (Merlin and Phoenix)

Kim DV Crawley January 2017

Just a quick email to say thank you again. We were very pleased to see the boys looking healthy and well fed and there certainly didn,t appear to be any signs that they had stressed during their stay which was a big concern of mine. Both their winter coats are looking great. We sometimes have problems with felix's coat and we're wondering what dry food you have been giving them as his coat is looking very good.( It may very well be that he's been inside and not getting into any scraps!!) Anyway thanks very much and we will definitely be recommending you to friends family if the need arises in the future.

BM Furnace Green April 2016

Just want to say a huge thank you for looking after Charlie and Alfie. It was our first time to use Glenwood our boys are both very shy and nervous around people they do not know.We have previously used a different cattery for over 9 years for Charlie and Alfie but had various concerns about their care. I cannot describe how delighted and reassured we were when first visiting Glenwood unannounced. The location, friendly and genuine love of animals was so obvious. Alfie and Charlie spent 7 days at Glenwood and we can honestly say how happy and relaxed they were when we collected them . Thank you all so much for such a wonderful place and two very reassured owners. We cannot recommend Glenwood it ,s location and staff enough. Thank You.

AW  SW17 April 2016

We have been using Glenwood for over 7 years and have nothing but positives to say. The environment is lovely with full access to where you leave your cat for their 'holiday,s'. The blocks are well kept, clean airy and secure. The staff are fabulous, very friendly, knowledgeable about feline health and most importantly have an obvious passion for our furry friends. We are comfortable about leaving Jasper with Sylvia and her team knowing he will have an enjoyable stay. We cannot talk more highly of Glenwood. It is by far the best Cattery that we have used in over 15 years.

Claire (Casper & Daisy)  Sutton Surrey March 2016

Glenwood was recommended to me by a close friend. I could not wish for a better place to have my cats stay. They are looked after and cared for as if they were at home and I know they are safe. The staff at Glenwood go that extra mile to make sure that I am reassured and whenever I pick up my cats, I love the fact that they are always very settled and at home. The accommodation is fantastic and the grounds an even better stimulus for my two who love to watch the world go by. I would never hesitate to recommend Glenwood and no matter how far away I live, I will always bring my 2 to stay there. I cannot thank you all enough for what you do.

Sue, Kingswood Surrey March 2016

We have been using Glenwood for many, many years going back to cats long gone. Originally we used Glenwood because it was FAB registered and that was the highest accolade any cattery could gain.Now that FAB has gone, I really don't think much has changed. We travel 25 miles or so because Glenwood is simply the best cattery we can find. All of the runs are the most spacious we know of, kept scrupuously clean and much thought has even gone into cat entertainment. Our girls come down to you in the most disgusted moods, fed up with their boxes and the journey, but they never seem too eager to leave when we arrive to collect. It is definitely the high level of care and attention that sees them settle in so quickly and find contentment in their heated heavens. We are happy to heap the highest praise on you and your staff Sylvia, for the home from home that you provide. Spoilt moggies made very,very happy.

Angela, Haywards Heath February 2016

My beloved cat Truffles passed away at the age of 17 years old. After 6 months I missed her so much I thought I would get a kitten, but before I did I rang Sylvia to check that she could still look after her. As I would not get another cat if she could not stay at Glenwood. I now have Pebbles and I am very happy knowing that she is well looked after at Glenwood when I am away.

Marcha ,Crawley Jul 2015

Thank you for your amazing service we once again received for Salt and Pepper during their stay these last 9 days. I have never received my cats back as relaxed as they are after a stay at a cattery. This is amazing and I am very happy to leave them with you every-time we decide to go away. Thank Becki very much for picking them up and dropping them home as this is very appeciated!! We do not have a car and this saves a lot of stressful moments as I do not have to take them on the bus.

Marcha, Crawley. Dec 2014

I would like to thank you all for the amazing care you have taken of our 2 cats - Salt & Pepper!! This was the 2nd time they were in a cattery but this was the 1st time with you and I have to admit they came back to us a lot happier this time then they did last year from the cattery in the Netherlands :) They are very cuddly now and almost never leave our sides :) You offered amazing service and by the looks of them they enjoyed their stay with you these past 10 days :) - Thank you! I will definitely come back to you the next time we are going away and will recommend you to anyone who asks me for a good cattery!Best wishes Marcha


Sadie, Crawley. Aug 2014

Hi, I would just like to say a massive thank you to you and your staff for looking after Blake so well. He has come back a very happy cat and has settled back home beautifully. As you know, his sister went missing before we went on holiday and I was emotional about leaving Blake on his own but would like to thank you for your understanding. I will most certainly be happy to bring him back to you in the future.


Martin M , West Sussex. June 2014


Hi I would like to add a testimonial to your web page, if possible. Lulu our year old puss had her first stay in a cattery at Glenwood. We are tempted to keep quiet about it so there is always space for her again! The setting is superb, the facilities fantastic and it is obvious Lulu was treated with love and care. We will definitely be bringing her back again. We cannot recommend Glenwood any more highly. Thank you to all the staff for looking after Lulu so well.


Sophie, Crawley. June 2014


I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for looking after my cat Arthur for me whilst I was on holiday. It was a last minute decision to put him in a cattery and I am so glad I did. He has come home a happy little cat. He's a bit of an attention seeker and I can tell he's had a lot of attention from you. next time I go on holiday I would definetely want to leave him with you. And I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank again Sophie


Jackie, West Sussex. December 2013

Glenwood Catteries is the most professional and caring place you could take your cat for a holiday. There are others in
Surrey & Sussex but not like Glenwood. Our cat Dancer came to us as a starving stray 2 years ago with abandonment
issues so it was scary for us and her, placing her in a cattery. We need not have worried as Sylvia, Sanchia, Bill
and their team looked after Dancer amazingly and she loves the warm lamp in her beach home.
Thank you Glenwood for allowing us to enjoy our holidays as we know our precious cat is looked after in our absence. 
Do not hesitate to book this cattery - you will ALWAYS re-book I assure you

Ann, South Wimbledon. January 2013

I discussed with my vet the best option for my cat, as I had accepted a short term job abroad. His concerns about a cattery where Pickle would be in a place he didn't know, with people he didn't know, could not have been better handled. The moment I met Sanchia and saw where Pickle would be staying I knew he would be in good hands. All the cats there we clearly very happy and content ,which was reassuring, many of which were long stays. After 2 month long stays Pickle was both happy to be back home, settling back instantly  and happy to return to Glenwood. He's been well fed, well cared for, and much loved. I can't recommend this Glenwood highly enough.

Debbie, Wimbledon. January 2012

I've been meaning to write and just express my thanks for the wonderful way that Mickey was looked after over December/January at Glenwood.  
It really gave me peace of mind to leave him for his 'holiday' and know that he would be so well cared for, spoilt (!) and happy. I was really impressed by your cattery and the way it is run and I'll definitely bring Micks back again if I go on holiday.

Robert and Lin, Crawley. April 2011

We have been using Glenwood to board our cats for twenty years at least!
The current owners have made the accommodation even more comfortable,
which we didn't think was possible. They are lovely caring people and this holiday
one of our cats definitely didn't want to come home with us and after two days is still sulking.

Karen, Putney. April 2011

Glenwood is a wonderful cattery. Not only it is it clean and spacious the surroundings are beautiful –
it is situated in a wonderful setting so the cats have plenty to look at and enjoy. It's a feline paradise!
I have been using this cattery regularly for many years (average 3 x year) and it is exceptionally good.
The care and cleanliness of the cattery is second to none. It gets 10 out of 10.
Sylvia and Sanchia provide a wonderful service, giving each cat the personal attention that it needs. 
I Cannot speak too highly - my cats come back home well groomed and happy - not clingy and depressed. 
I am very fussy and have owned cats for 20 years and during this time have never found a better cattery -
I live in SW London and happy to travel the distance (an hour each way) for peace of mind -
if I can't get my cats into Glenwood then I don't go away!

Julie and Paul, Caterham. January 2011

'We would like to say a big thank you to sanchia at glenwood cattery for looking
After our very precious three spoilt pussycats. This was our first time of booking
Them into a different cattery and glenwood Was highly recommended to us by our existing
Cattery who sadly ceased trading due to retirement.

We visited glenwood beforehand to check the premises and ensure it was the right
Place for our clan as it has to be one we can trust and know they have the upmost
Care. we were impressed with the cleanliness and spacious pens, along
With nice touches such as branches, array of toys, and cozy beds in the nicely heated
Sleep area.

We had them all booked in for just over a week and when we returned were very
Happy to pick them up and very relieved to find them all very contented and cared for.

We were highly impressed with how much time had Been taken to ensure each cats
Individual needs were met and sanchia took the time to know their different personalities.

We thoroughly recommend this very well run lovely cattery and will certainly have
No worries about taking our cats there again, it's good to know somewhere you
Can trust.'

Chris. Dec 2010
'We have an 18 month old cat who we adore and agonised over her first stay in a cattery this year. 
The Glenwood site looked the most promising, and in her stays since has lived up to it's name and reputation. 
It is spotlessly clean, great surroundings, and looked after by a loving family who care about each cat uniquely,
not just with care, but with love too. It's reassuring to hand your precious pet to people who care about cats and care about you. 
We would highly recommend.'





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