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The cats are housed in individually heated chalets, that have their own outdoor run. Each has a view looking out over the garden area.There is a two foot space between each chalet and it's neighbour, so the cats can see each other without being able to come into close contact.
The whole complex is situated around a lawn in a sunny woodland glade. There are chalets for single cats or  two from the same family, There are also family chalets to accommodate up to four cats from the same household.
We provide baskets with vet approved beds, and blankets.However if your cat has its own bed, basket rug or a blanket with which they are familiar. you may want to bring that in with them.
We provide all food, catering all individual likes and dislikes.
Adult cats are fed twice a daily, kittens and older cats are fed to their special requirements. In addition to this there will be munchies left down at all times to nibble at, if wanted. Your cats certainly receive plenty of "TLC" during their stay.
 If your cat is on a prescription diet we ask that you bring this with you.

Glenwood Cattery Crawley Down West Sussex

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